I was always interested in how the brain worked from a young age in school, tended to enjoy biology lessons more than any others and I stuck at the chance to take psychology when given the option for my A levels. Developing my love for the subject, even more, I decided to take it upon myself to go to University and path myself a career in this.

I graduated from university with a BSc honors degree in Psychology in 2005, which I was ecstatic about. On from there I then decided to study for the Hypnotherapy at Leeds University on The Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy, this course is regarded as the best in the UK.

Throughout all this time I stayed in touch with a friend who was studying the same field as me in university and was as fond of it as I was. We both graduated from University the same but after went on to study different regions of the psychology world in order to expand our knowledge.

We caught up in 2010 after we had broadened our knowledge within the psychology world and also had experience with working for companies and doing small scale private work for people who knew about us and what we did. We decided we’d start our own business together

We first started off as just a private hypnotherapist in a small room we rented out from a business building. We started in the Shrewsbury area but was unsure of how popular we would be, but we did a lot of research into potential competitors/other hypnotherapists and we saw a market for ourselves.

2 years on we gained enough clientele and support from local and far fetched people to motivate us to expand. So we bought a building with several rooms and transformed it into a professional but homely environment to suit our patients. We then recruited some of the best Hypnotherapists globally and that’s how we got to where we are today.



At Transformation Hypnotherapy, it’s all about getting to know you. So we would like to introduce ourselves so you can get to know us beforehand, making it all that little more comforting when we meet.

All of our Hypnotherapists are specialized and fully qualified in hypnotherapy, some have studied in wider fields of specific subjects, making some better suited to patients depending on their needs/problems, this is why we have the initial consultation, so we can pair our patients with the right hypnotherapist.




There is a lot of debate and stigmas around whether hypnosis is real and whether hypnotherapy actually works. Due to media and other entertainment, there has been a widespread misunderstanding so people have misconceptions of it.

1. Some people can’t be hypnotized-

Everyone can be hypnotized, in fact, it happens to us naturally at least two times a day? ever zoned out and forgot what you were doing or what someone said? This is a mild trance that you have entered. Different people react to different methods.

2. You can be hypnotized to do things against your will-

You cannot be made to do anything against your will whilst hypnotized. In fact, during a trance you are completely aware of what is going on, just your brain is more open to suggestion.

3. A person can be stuck in a trance forever-

This has never happened and never will, due to the fact hypnosis happens every day when we enter an anonymous trance by ourselves. So just like these ones, with a trained practitioner you will snap out of it all the same within a few minutes.





Based on many scientific studies on the brain and other factors, it is proven that hypnotherapy is able to help with certain problems with specific techniques that target different regions of the brain in order to do so.

Hypnosis also referred to as hypnotic suggestion or hypnotherapy, is a trance-like state in which you have a deeper focus/increased concentration. It feels just like being very relaxed. Most hypnotherapists will make you deeply relaxed so that with little guidance you can make the changes you want to you automatic behaviors/bad habits or emotional reactions from negatives into the positives which you desire.

Hypnotherapy can be used to help you take control over unwanted behaviors or to help you cope with fears, stress or pain. It’s most important to know that although being more open to suggestion, you do not lose control, as having this reassurance puts people at ease.

Clinical hypnotherapy can help come into conscious knowledge of your subconscious beliefs and desires and so enables you to understand between the two reducing the feeling of fear, anxiety, stress and increase feelings of positivity.