When a threat of any kind is detected, the brain triggers a heightened state of awareness. This heightened state of awareness at best can leave us feeling uncomfortable or at worst, be debilitating. Our brain releases chemicals when we are anxious which can lead to strong physical and emotional symptoms. The physical symptoms can present themselves before you have to comprehend what has triggered the feeling of anxiety. Anxiety can be cured permanently with effective hypnotherapy and improve your wellbeing allowing you live life to the fullest.


The brain shuts down as a coping mechanism in attempts to help us with life’s challenges. We are not doing him by choice, it is a primitive survival technique to keep us safe. In this state we produce less serotonin, this makes us less able to cope or gain any pleasure from natural sources. Our brain encourages us to become antisocial and rejects help., which often leaves us staying in this state for a long period of time. Anxiety can be used in order to increase the natural serotonin levels released by the brain which reduces stress and lifts your mood.


We as humans get angry, its a defense mechanism but we don’t consciously choose to do it. But some people have more intense feelings of anger when they do use this mechanism, this is because our brain releases adrenaline and cortisol. This puts into flight or fight mode due to us not feeling vulnerable in the environment we are in, provoking an uncontrollable rage. Anger is fear based. But it can be controlled when we target the correct part of the brain. Removing subconscious and instinctive patterns of behavior, we can control our emotions.


Phobias are in a part of the brain which has primitive behavior patterns and responses stored there. The response that is used with phobias is the same used as if you were in a real life-threatening situation, regardless of whatever the stimulus is. This part of the brain is unable to tell the difference between imagination and reality. Phobias are quick to be reversed regardless of how long you have suffered. Hypnotherapy is massively effective when it comes to getting patients over their fears in order for them to be able to get on with life without worry.


Hypnotherapy for weight loss is unlike the quick fixes or fad diets. This is a long term solution for clients who struggle to keep weight off. It is mostly understood by people who want to lose weight and know that it needs to start with the mindset first. We can exercise and read a load of nutrition books, but if your mind has a specific coping mechanism with eating whether it be when you’re bored, depressed, stressed, things won’t change. Hypnotherapy helps us to get rid of those desires that make us want to eat and helps us take control of them instead.


Smoking is a psychological addiction, in fact, 95% of it. After 90 minutes the physical addiction part subsides. Meaning if you have ever gone this long without having a cigarette then you are definitely able to quit smoking via hypnotherapy. Smoking is often linked to stress relief, but research has shown it has no active ingredients in it that reduce anxiety. Its shown in fact, all the chemicals in a cigarette can cause anxiety. The mind can trick you into ways to prevent you from stopping making you dependant on it. Hypnotherapy can stop this dependence.